Replace Default Font OSX , 3 steps

First if you are a Mavericks User there is nothing to see here. Move along kindly. If you haven’t upgraded congratulations! You can now make personalized touches to the Yes, I know relax! sit down! and lets get on with it. Update Fonts in 1. Type this in the prompt: sudo vim /Applications/ […]

Git add and commit in a Single Line FTW!

Moving from SVN to Git seemed to add a few extra steps into my work flow with committing adding push etc. Yes! I’m aware Git isn’t SVN and it provides more flexibility. Anyway I wanted the ability to add && commit in a single line. Simply adding this to git config made my dreams come […]

Connect locahost to

Instructions for setting up with your localhost. Create account If you don’t have homebrew installed, install it. Install MongoDB with homebrew: $brew update brew install mongodb Create DB on Create DB user Select connections tab and copy the connection type you need Update Usr and Pass credentials Connect to DB

iPad Pics

Here are a few pics at the flag ship Apple store on 5th ave in New York and a few unboxing shots. Loving the device so far! Can’t wait to see what developers can dream up with the apps.

How to Make a Homemade Tattoo

So… I guess my roommate was creating some homemade tattoo’s over the weekend. Since it was the first time I had ever seen this done in person I thought why not share the method he followed to create a homemade Tattoo. Before we begin will need the following ingredients: Tecate 12 pack Limes Hot sauce […]

Have IE6 act more like IE7

Dean Edwards JS guru has been working on a JavaScript library to make MSIE behave like a standards-compliant browser. Its corrects many CSS issues we have slaved over in the past. Another handy feature is it supports pngs in ie6. With IE8 just around the corner adding this JavaScript to your header will help speeding […]