Be the John Connor Terminal Terminator Find and Kill

Ran into a few issues with running an IRC server from my localhost. Having these command at your fingertips will save John Connor. First list all processes running on your machine $ ps -A Yuck, thats a long list To make this more useful pipe to grep, and search for the process: $ ps -A […]

TMUX Terminal Multiplexer

TMUX allows you to run multiple session in a single terminal window and/or detach them so they run in a background process. You can also allow other users access to you machine and peer code the same file together. Find project homepage here: Install tmux: $brew instal tmux tmux commands #Sessions #start new session […]

Replace Default Font OSX , 3 steps

First if you are a Mavericks User there is nothing to see here. Move along kindly. If you haven’t upgraded congratulations! You can now make personalized touches to the Yes, I know relax! sit down! and lets get on with it. Update Fonts in 1. Type this in the prompt: sudo vim /Applications/ […]