Mange Projects, Companies & Revolutions with Brewfile

For those of you that run Homebrew on OSX might not be aware of Brewfiles. These little guys act like Gemfile but in the Homebrew arena. Here is an example # Install other useful binaries install ack install git install node install tree install webkit2png Perfect for your dotfiles and github syncing. Execute the Brewfile […]

Be the John Connor Terminal Terminator Find and Kill

Ran into a few issues with running an IRC server from my localhost. Having these command at your fingertips will save John Connor. First list all processes running on your machine $ ps -A Yuck, thats a long list To make this more useful pipe to grep, and search for the process: $ ps -A […]

Install and Run Elasticsearch with Homebrew

If you have installed Elasticsearch with Homebrew and don’t want it to start on sys boot, which will automatically default to 9200 try and start a cluster, possibly with other machines on your connection. $ brew install elasticsearch $brew info elasticsearch Info details how to work with the installation. elasticsearch -f -D es.config=/usr/local/opt/elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml For connivence […]

Replace Default Font OSX , 3 steps

First if you are a Mavericks User there is nothing to see here. Move along kindly. If you haven’t upgraded congratulations! You can now make personalized touches to the Yes, I know relax! sit down! and lets get on with it. Update Fonts in 1. Type this in the prompt: sudo vim /Applications/ […]

Simple Free Screen Recording with Audio on OSX

If you want to capture your screen and speak to make create video tutorials look no further. Quicktime has built in functionality to record your fullscreen, part of your screen, and mic. Event better is has share functionality build in too! Example: How to: 1. Select file > new screen recording 2. Select start grey […]

How to Hide the OSX Dock

I don’t need the dock since I have many other ways of switch and opening apps, and by golly screen space is valuable! It’s not good to completely disable the dock since it works with CORE OSX services. I’ve found that setting the auto hide feature works ok in sys prefs. Better Solution To make […]

Sync .bash_profile with Dropbox and OSX

Here is a method to quickly sync your .bash_profile between machines using DropBox in OSX. $ cd ~/Dropbox/ && mkdir profileSync $mv ~/.bash_profile $ln -s Dropbox/profileSync/ $ln -s Dropbox/profileSync/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile The only other app specific files I’ve synced before were Textmate bundles. If anyone else has and recommendations please comment.

OSX Keyboard Shortcut Map

Because I always forget them! ⌘ Command ⌥ Option ⇧ Shift ⌃ Control ⌫ Backward Delete ⌦ Forward Delete ⎋ Escape  Eject fn Fn Key F1 Function ↩ Return ⌤ Enter ⌽ Power button ← Left Arrow → Right Arrow ↑ Up Arrow ↓ Down Arrow ⇞ Page Up ⇟ Page Down ↖ Home […]

Sync Textmate Bundles Across All your Macs With DropBox

If you’re a heavy lifter with Textmate and create and customize bundles all the time this post is for you. Copying bundles from one machine to another is cumbersome and easily forgotten. I always find myself adding one command to a custom bundle at the office and then forgetting to add it to one of […]