Integrate Hubot into Slack Chat App

Hubot & Heroku deployment is free and straight forward. This installation will only install the vanilla shipped scripts from Hubot. Before we start you will need Nodejs NPM CoffeeScript Compiler (Yes, I know…) Slack Channel with Integreation Service Heroku App Instance REDIS TO GO (Yes, there is a free option) Create Git Repo to push […]

Install Nodejs on Rasp Pi v0.10.26

How compile nodejs to run on the Rasp Pi. Please note you may have to sudo all these commands based on your setup. This also assumes you have apt-get updated and either curl or wget. $ cd /opt/node #if don’t have that dir created yet $ mkdir -p /opt/node $ wget $ tar -xvf […]

Nodejs Snippets For Vim

I recently forked a Github repo that hadn’t been updated in years for Nodejs Support with snipMate. Since forking I’ve been actively updating the repo to get up to date with the newer versions of Node and add in the missing API’s. Here is a link I’ve also added code from another repot that provided […]

NPM Commands You Need to Know

I’ve been playing with nodejs on and off for a couple years. Over the last few months I’ve dedicated substantial time to really focusing on the software and shocked at how easy NPM is and how amazingly powerful it’s reach is. Here are a few useful NPM tips if you are starting out with nodejs: […]

Upload and Display Image Using NodeJS and Express w/Jade

The following code will allow an image to upload and then display on a NodeJS server with Express middleware. Remember to add this to the config: The following is needed to keep the image file extension and provide a directory for Express to write to. Alternatively the image will be uploaded to a .temp directory. […]