This Is Automation

Great video, relevant now more than ever. Manual  = Think meetings, phone calls, emails with attachments. Mechanization  = Think Jira, Git, Scrum Automation = Think TDD, Hubot, Grunt. Yoeman.  Workflow is transparent and no manual action required.

BattleHack NYC

Yesterday Paypal kicked off it’s BattleHack in NYC. It was the best hackathon I’ve been to so far. Very entertaining no crazy long API demo’s, an energized crowd ready for true lift off. Clocks Don’t Stop Ticking Unless You Position Time So It Can’t Escape, Without Time We Will Have No Motion, Memory, or Awareness […]

Vintage Atari Box Art

Basic beauty of the Atari 2600’s approach to package design is something missing from games of today. Below are a few amazing painted covers.