Homebrew Git Merge Fix

Once every few moon cycles I seem to get an issue with my homebrew updates flagging an error in the merge. Here is how to fix the merge. $cd /usr/local $git fetch origin $git reset –hard origin/master

Integrate Hubot into Slack Chat App

Hubot & Heroku deployment is free and straight forward. This installation will only install the vanilla shipped scripts from Hubot. Before we start you will need Nodejs NPM CoffeeScript Compiler (Yes, I know…) Slack Channel with Integreation Service Heroku App Instance REDIS TO GO (Yes, there is a free option) Create Git Repo to push […]

Nodejs Snippets For Vim

I recently forked a Github repo that hadn’t been updated in years for Nodejs Support with snipMate. Since forking I’ve been actively updating the repo to get up to date with the newer versions of Node and add in the missing API’s. Here is a link I’ve also added code from another repot that provided […]


Recently I presented some information on the Vim editor at the office. We ran short on time and had to quickly power through the vast universe of Vim. The intent of this guide is to provide new users the information they need to get up and running. Pull requests welcome.

Change Git Master Remote

Quickly change your remote origin of a git repo. This can come in handy if you have you have forked a repo and want to point your master to the updated fork origin. Steps $ git config master.remote origin $ git config master.merge refs/heads/master $ git push -u origin master