How to Improve Newsletter Design

Last week I completed a email campaign that I was only brought into only to code. I felt that the process followed was generally flawed that the team took. I started with a finalized approved design which I was suppose to code into a mailer. From the beginning I started noticing flaws in the designs […]

Don't Forget Wire Frame Everything

Since reemerging in to freelancing I have noticed that not many people use wire frames that should be. I guess a lot of people think its an extra step that’s not needed or will add unnecessary time/cost to the project.  When this approach is taken things start to veer off the path as the project […]

How to Make a Homemade Tattoo

So… I guess my roommate was creating some homemade tattoo’s over the weekend. Since it was the first time I had ever seen this done in person I thought why not share the method he followed to create a homemade Tattoo. Before we begin will need the following ingredients: Tecate 12 pack Limes Hot sauce […]

GMUNK 2009 Reel

Late last night I ran into GMUNK’s 2009 demo reel. Gmunk, also know as Bradley Grosh is the most badass designer who’s willing take on things that seem impossibly complex and layers them into something mind boggling. His old portfolio site is currrently down, but you can find some of his other work with […]

Great Resources for Greek Copy

Here are the two sites I turn to for copy filling. – Great resource while coding. – The classic… great generator and the best for designing If you have anymore you would recommend please comment below.

Great Design Blogger

If you haven’t heard of Scott Hansen I highly recommend checking out his design blog, Its has a great collection of images he finds in print, design, and photography as well as many of his own talented designs.