JavaScript Event Listener with CSS3 Webkit Animations

CSS3 has a property called “webkitAnimationEnd” which can be used as an event lister in JavaScript. function cssAnimationEnd() { //looks for the ID box from the css and fires the event listen when the animation is complete. box.addEventListener( ‘webkitAnimationEnd’, function( event ){ alert( “Finished animation!” ); }, false ); } Working with event listers like […]

Pseudo Elements :before and :after with CSS 2.1

Here is a quick example of how to use Pseudo elements “:before” and “:after” with css. li{ display:block; } li:before{ content:”This is red from :before”; color:red; } li:after{ content:”This is blue from after”; color:blue; } Click here for the demo page

Pseudo CSS first-child, last-child

In CSS 2.1 the “first-child” and CSS 3 adds “last-child” pseudo-class implementation. These allow for specific stlyes to be added to beginning and ending elements. This can be extremely helpful for navigation and other common list types. The one draw back of using these pseudo-classes is ie6 will not support them. Here is a short […]

CSS Adjacent Sibling Combinators With Text

Here is a short and sweet post demonstrating the use of adjacent sibling combinators with text is an easy way to work with unique spacing with headers and copy in general. UPDATE: I had left of the sibling option for non adjacent elements h1 ~ h3{ background-color: #734848; /* affects only h3 with a sibling […]

HTML 5 WordPress Theme (Naked)

Here is an updated version of the Naked WordPress theme to support HTML5. WordPress Naked has been put together by us as a simple WordPress theme to assist developers that need to quickly implement a blog using WordPress but don’t really have the time to spend looking under the hood in any detail or reading […]

HTML 5 Bundle For Textmate

Here is a download to the HTML 5 Bundle I have started for Textmate. This is my first attempt at creating a bundle from scratch please provide feedback and requests and I will add them. Download Here Update 7/19/2009 Updated 3/21/2010 Added localStorage Snippets The bundle has also been uploaded to Github. View Repository

Video Player with HTML 5

With some of the latest browsers supporting HTML 5 I thought I go ahead and take a stab at trying to create a very basic video player using some of the new tags. What’s interesting is many times when flash would be needed for video and audio HTML 5 will be able to support such […]