Be the John Connor Terminal Terminator Find and Kill

Ran into a few issues with running an IRC server from my localhost. Having these command at your fingertips will save John Connor. First list all processes running on your machine $ ps -A Yuck, thats a long list To make this more useful pipe to grep, and search for the process: $ ps -A […]

Replace Default Font OSX , 3 steps

First if you are a Mavericks User there is nothing to see here. Move along kindly. If you haven’t upgraded congratulations! You can now make personalized touches to the Yes, I know relax! sit down! and lets get on with it. Update Fonts in 1. Type this in the prompt: sudo vim /Applications/ […]

Run Web Searches From Command Line

Update: Added Google Maps search function as requested in comments. A series of helper functions to append to a dot file that will allow you to run specific searches directly from the command line. This is an adoption of Vim ideology of being specific and concise, potentially saving thousands of keys strokes each year. # […]

Create Add Append From CL “like real quick”

A few CL commands I find useful when making quick edits to files. Make a file and write to it $ echo here is the first line of my file > test.txt See the results $ cat test.txt Lets append to the file we just created $ echo this is the second line now >> […]

Bang Bang Boolean

When I gazing upon the all mighty “bang bang”. I felt need to blog the result to wire it back into my head. !!false === false //true !false === false //false !!true === false //false !true === false //true That’s it for now. Update 10/21/13: Funny I’ve been using !! much more frequently since this […]

rsyc to Amazon Web Services

A great line of code to sync up a local folder to an Ubuntu AWS instance. rsync -rave ‘ssh -i YOURPIMHERE.pem’ –rsync-path=’sudo rsync’ ~/LOCAL/PATH ubuntu@IPOFSERVER:/PATH/ON/REMOTE/HOST”

On the path of VIM-Enlightenment? You Need Vimium

I’ve had a love hate relationship with VIM for a few years now. As they say “A path to VIM-Enlightenment is one best not started but once started one best finished”. There are still a few daily hiccups and what seems to be endless tweaking of my vimrc. To help me on my journey to […]

Hello Blog

It’s been a few years since I wrote a post…. yeah I’ve been busy! After logging in to wp and upgrading to the latest version I noticed I had over 220,000 pending comments. Sigh! Since all the comments where spam I was able to run this simple line in SQL to remove them. DELETE FROM […]

JavaScript Event Listener with CSS3 Webkit Animations

CSS3 has a property called “webkitAnimationEnd” which can be used as an event lister in JavaScript. function cssAnimationEnd() { //looks for the ID box from the css and fires the event listen when the animation is complete. box.addEventListener( ‘webkitAnimationEnd’, function( event ){ alert( “Finished animation!” ); }, false ); } Working with event listers like […]