Homebrew Git Merge Fix

Once every few moon cycles I seem to get an issue with my homebrew updates flagging an error in the merge. Here is how to fix the merge. $cd /usr/local $git fetch origin $git reset –hard origin/master

TMUX Terminal Multiplexer

TMUX allows you to run multiple session in a single terminal window and/or detach them so they run in a background process. You can also allow other users access to you machine and peer code the same file together. Find project homepage here: http://tmux.sourceforge.net/ Install tmux: $brew instal tmux tmux commands #Sessions #start new session […]

“grep” A Few Nice Extras

Since switching to VIM as my primary editor I find myself consistently leveraging the command line more. Here a few nice grep commands I’ve picked up along the way: Line Number: $grep -n “foo” /etc/passwd <– returns line number Ingnore Case $grep -i “foo” /etc/passwd <– ignores case in search “fOo”, “FOO”, “foo”, etc all […]

SSH Tunnel With SOCKS Proxy

This tip is helpful to keep your internet session encrypted from browser to server and will bypass certain annoyances like web filters. In bash session type: ssh <username>:<password>@<IP/Domain> -ND <port over:1000 example:9999> Then in the network settings of Firefox set the SOCKS proxy host to localhost and the port you used while starting the ssh […]

Yeah, Top 10 Time!

I’ve been laying low on the bloggin’ recently, last night I went “beast” and played around with some fun stuff with the terminal, packet managers, NPM’s and a new IDE. Here’s the list of 10 things you can’t not be using on the web. HomeBrew Grunt Mongolab Angularjs Finally had a chance to play around […]

Sync Textmate Bundles Across All your Macs With DropBox

If you’re a heavy lifter with Textmate and create and customize bundles all the time this post is for you. Copying bundles from one machine to another is cumbersome and easily forgotten. I always find myself adding one command to a custom bundle at the office and then forgetting to add it to one of […]

Use Textmate to Compose email with OSX Mail

Recently I started using Textmate for more things then just coding websites since thats bascially the tip of the iceburg then it comes to the most powerful editor on the mac. If you interested in trying something new with Textmate here are basic instructions to use texmate to compose messages with OSX mail. Make sure […]

QA with Mantis

As an on again off again freelancer I’ve encountered a many different ways to run through QA (Quality Assurance).  Each team has is own process… Excel docs getting emailed around left and right or a better method but not best, Google docs. None of these tools are ideally designed for the QA process. Since my […]

BluePrint CSS Framework (Updated)

Recently been reading alot about CSS frameworks that are working off a grid that are easy to use and work with… Sort of been mulling around with trying one for my next project. After reviewing a few of them from this post. I’ve decided to give BluePrint a shot. BluePrint seems very easy to work […]