Simple Free Screen Recording with Audio on OSX

If you want to capture your screen and speak to make create video tutorials look no further. Quicktime has built in functionality to record your fullscreen, part of your screen, and mic. Event better is has share functionality build in too! Example: How to: 1. Select file > new screen recording 2. Select start grey […]

Sync Textmate Bundles Across All your Macs With DropBox

If you’re a heavy lifter with Textmate and create and customize bundles all the time this post is for you. Copying bundles from one machine to another is cumbersome and easily forgotten. I always find myself adding one command to a custom bundle at the office and then forgetting to add it to one of […]

Use Textmate to Compose email with OSX Mail

Recently I started using Textmate for more things then just coding websites since thats bascially the tip of the iceburg then it comes to the most powerful editor on the mac. If you interested in trying something new with Textmate here are basic instructions to use texmate to compose messages with OSX mail. Make sure […]

HTML 5 Bundle For Textmate

Here is a download to the HTML 5 Bundle I have started for Textmate. This is my first attempt at creating a bundle from scratch please provide feedback and requests and I will add them. Download Here Update 7/19/2009 Updated 3/21/2010 Added localStorage Snippets The bundle has also been uploaded to Github. View Repository

Activating Root Access in OSX Terminal

After messing around with my Hackintosh today I needed to remove some of my kext files in /System/Library/Extentions (S/L/E). I wasn’t in the mood to find an early build of a hackers app I just wanted Terinal su/root access. Here is an easy method to activate root access in Terminal for Mac OS X 10.5 […]

QA with Mantis

As an on again off again freelancer I’ve encountered a many different ways to run through QA (Quality Assurance).  Each team has is own process… Excel docs getting emailed around left and right or a better method but not best, Google docs. None of these tools are ideally designed for the QA process. Since my […]

10 Twitter Tools to Tweet With

The ever growing world of Twitter applications has been taking off almost as fast as Twitter itself has. Here is a list of some popular tools users have been using to their tweeting delight… Try a few. Twitpic lets you share photos on Twitter. Tweetdeck a personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening […]

10 Mac Apps I Can't Live Without

Here is a complied list of 10 Mac Apps I can’t live with out. Textmate The number one text editor for the mac. Adium Instant messenger application that allows most service type to be logged in at sametime. Example: AIM, LIVE, MS, Yahoo Vidalia Great Tor proxy tool, also required for me with my current […]