Mange Projects, Companies & Revolutions with Brewfile

For those of you that run Homebrew on OSX might not be aware of Brewfiles. These little guys act like Gemfile but in the Homebrew arena. Here is an example # Install other useful binaries install ack install git install node install tree install webkit2png Perfect for your dotfiles and github syncing. Execute the Brewfile […]

Homebrew Git Merge Fix

Once every few moon cycles I seem to get an issue with my homebrew updates flagging an error in the merge. Here is how to fix the merge. $cd /usr/local $git fetch origin $git reset –hard origin/master

This Is Automation

Great video, relevant now more than ever. Manual  = Think meetings, phone calls, emails with attachments. Mechanization  = Think Jira, Git, Scrum Automation = Think TDD, Hubot, Grunt. Yoeman.  Workflow is transparent and no manual action required.

Be the John Connor Terminal Terminator Find and Kill

Ran into a few issues with running an IRC server from my localhost. Having these command at your fingertips will save John Connor. First list all processes running on your machine $ ps -A Yuck, thats a long list To make this more useful pipe to grep, and search for the process: $ ps -A […]

Integrate Hubot into Slack Chat App

Hubot & Heroku deployment is free and straight forward. This installation will only install the vanilla shipped scripts from Hubot. Before we start you will need Nodejs NPM CoffeeScript Compiler (Yes, I know…) Slack Channel with Integreation Service Heroku App Instance REDIS TO GO (Yes, there is a free option) Create Git Repo to push […]