TMUX Terminal Multiplexer

TMUX allows you to run multiple session in a single terminal window and/or detach them so they run in a background process. You can also allow other users access to you machine and peer code the same file together. Find project homepage here: Install tmux: $brew instal tmux tmux commands #Sessions #start new session […]

Jade Select Element for States

Decided to post since I can never find it when it’s needed. select(name=’State’) option(value=”, selected=’selected’) Select a State option(value=’AL’) Alabama option(value=’AK’) Alaska option(value=’AZ’) Arizona option(value=’AR’) Arkansas option(value=’CA’) California option(value=’CO’) Colorado option(value=’CT’) Connecticut option(value=’DE’) Delaware option(value=’DC’) District Of Columbia option(value=’FL’) Florida option(value=’GA’) Georgia option(value=’HI’) Hawaii option(value=’ID’) Idaho option(value=’IL’) Illinois option(value=’IN’) Indiana option(value=’IA’) Iowa option(value=’KS’) Kansas option(value=’KY’) […]