Run Web Searches From Command Line

Update: Added Google Maps search function as requested in comments. A series of helper functions to append to a dot file that will allow you to run specific searches directly from the command line. This is an adoption of Vim ideology of being specific and concise, potentially saving thousands of keys strokes each year. # […]

Create Add Append From CL “like real quick”

A few CL commands I find useful when making quick edits to files. Make a file and write to it $ echo here is the first line of my file > test.txt See the results $ cat test.txt Lets append to the file we just created $ echo this is the second line now >> […]

“grep” A Few Nice Extras

Since switching to VIM as my primary editor I find myself consistently leveraging the command line more. Here a few nice grep commands I’ve picked up along the way: Line Number: $grep -n “foo” /etc/passwd <– returns line number Ingnore Case $grep -i “foo” /etc/passwd <– ignores case in search “fOo”, “FOO”, “foo”, etc all […]