Bang Bang Boolean

When I gazing upon the all mighty “bang bang”. I felt need to blog the result to wire it back into my head. !!false === false //true !false === false //false !!true === false //false !true === false //true That’s it for now. Update 10/21/13: Funny I’ve been using !! much more frequently since this […]

rsyc to Amazon Web Services

A great line of code to sync up a local folder to an Ubuntu AWS instance. rsync -rave ‘ssh -i YOURPIMHERE.pem’ –rsync-path=’sudo rsync’ ~/LOCAL/PATH ubuntu@IPOFSERVER:/PATH/ON/REMOTE/HOST”

Nodejs Snippets For Vim

I recently forked a Github repo that hadn’t been updated in years for Nodejs Support with snipMate. Since forking I’ve been actively updating the repo to get up to date with the newer versions of Node and add in the missing API’s. Here is a link I’ve also added code from another repot that provided […]


Recently I presented some information on the Vim editor at the office. We ran short on time and had to quickly power through the vast universe of Vim. The intent of this guide is to provide new users the information they need to get up and running. Pull requests welcome.

On the path of VIM-Enlightenment? You Need Vimium

I’ve had a love hate relationship with VIM for a few years now. As they say “A path to VIM-Enlightenment is one best not started but once started one best finished”. There are still a few daily hiccups and what seems to be endless tweaking of my vimrc. To help me on my journey to […]