BattleHack NYC

Yesterday Paypal kicked off it’s BattleHack in NYC. It was the best hackathon I’ve been to so far. Very entertaining no crazy long API demo’s, an energized crowd ready for true lift off.

Clocks Don’t Stop Ticking Unless You Position Time So It Can’t Escape, Without Time We Will Have No Motion, Memory, or Awareness

Dark clouds rolled through crackling on sporadic legs of lighting and encompassing the 7th ave NYC Alley as we moved into the evening. Daytime temps bellowed from subway stations and flooded the 7th avenue streets peeking at a humid 98º. Luckily; we had been issued survival kits or surely we’d fall victims to the machinery of night.

Our Team #karmadive

(A Crowd Sourced Curb Awareness program extending life to curb side items)

Logo from hackathon

Logo from hackathon

Our team was pure talent, our idea was subjectively amazing. We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone; we all learned new APIs, frameworks, DBs, etc. Programming into the wee hours… daylight stuck; allowing for first light to shear our eyelids proving that yes, we had fallen into lunacy, one by one slipping into victims of the St. of Circumstance. The drift was with us now and we were paddling with it.

Members in no particular order Father Grand @tobiaswright, The one and only Shanshan(twitter handle unknown), The mad scientist @erwanjegouzo, and me @bingeboy.

Team Photo

Have to give praise to @jonmarkgo of Twilio who opened up API for us, very impressive.

Paypal core changes taking place

Fellow Hackers <3

Thanks for your drive, determination, and modern artisanship. You are the ones that will help us reach our singularity.

And remember it’s just another line of code.

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