BattleHack NYC

Yesterday Paypal kicked off it’s BattleHack in NYC. It was the best hackathon I’ve been to so far. Very entertaining no crazy long API demo’s, an energized crowd ready for true lift off. Clocks Don’t Stop Ticking Unless You Position Time So It Can’t Escape, Without Time We Will Have No Motion, Memory, or Awareness […]

Simple Free Screen Recording with Audio on OSX

If you want to capture your screen and speak to make create video tutorials look no further. Quicktime has built in functionality to record your fullscreen, part of your screen, and mic. Event better is has share functionality build in too! Example: How to: 1. Select file > new screen recording 2. Select start grey […]

NPM Commands You Need to Know

I’ve been playing with nodejs on and off for a couple years. Over the last few months I’ve dedicated substantial time to really focusing on the software and shocked at how easy NPM is and how amazingly powerful it’s reach is. Here are a few useful NPM tips if you are starting out with nodejs: […]

Git add and commit in a Single Line FTW!

Moving from SVN to Git seemed to add a few extra steps into my work flow with committing adding push etc. Yes! I’m aware Git isn’t SVN and it provides more flexibility. Anyway I wanted the ability to add && commit in a single line. Simply adding this to git config made my dreams come […]

Raspberry Pi Case in 10mins

I received a Raspberry Pi last week and finally came round to install an OS(rasp), SSH, and a few other basic services. The problem was the device with all the connections looked like a dead Transformer. To be more concise my GF told me to “get that thing outta here!”. I need a case and […]