How to Hide the OSX Dock

I don’t need the dock since I have many other ways of switch and opening apps, and by golly screen space is valuable! It’s not good to completely disable the dock since it works with CORE OSX services. I’ve found that setting the auto hide feature works ok in sys prefs. Better Solution To make […]

Javascipt Object.keys()

I was peer coding yesterday when my peer suggested that I use keys to get the length of the object node. I felt like a noob since I hadn’t directly used the method before. Here is a gist of me playing with the JSON Example from Doug Crockfords site ~ $node > var x= {“glossary”:{“title”:”example […]

Upload and Display Image Using NodeJS and Express w/Jade

The following code will allow an image to upload and then display on a NodeJS server with Express middleware. Remember to add this to the config: The following is needed to keep the image file extension and provide a directory for Express to write to. Alternatively the image will be uploaded to a .temp directory. […]

SSH Tunnel With SOCKS Proxy

This tip is helpful to keep your internet session encrypted from browser to server and will bypass certain annoyances like web filters. In bash session type: ssh <username>:<password>@<IP/Domain> -ND <port over:1000 example:9999> Then in the network settings of Firefox set the SOCKS proxy host to localhost and the port you used while starting the ssh […]

Sync .bash_profile with Dropbox and OSX

Here is a method to quickly sync your .bash_profile between machines using DropBox in OSX. $ cd ~/Dropbox/ && mkdir profileSync $mv ~/.bash_profile $ln -s Dropbox/profileSync/ $ln -s Dropbox/profileSync/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile The only other app specific files I’ve synced before were Textmate bundles. If anyone else has and recommendations please comment.

OSX Keyboard Shortcut Map

Because I always forget them! ⌘ Command ⌥ Option ⇧ Shift ⌃ Control ⌫ Backward Delete ⌦ Forward Delete ⎋ Escape  Eject fn Fn Key F1 Function ↩ Return ⌤ Enter ⌽ Power button ← Left Arrow → Right Arrow ↑ Up Arrow ↓ Down Arrow ⇞ Page Up ⇟ Page Down ↖ Home […]