Connect locahost to

Instructions for setting up with your localhost. Create account If you don’t have homebrew installed, install it. Install MongoDB with homebrew: $brew update brew install mongodb Create DB on Create DB user Select connections tab and copy the connection type you need Update Usr and Pass credentials Connect to DB

Javascript “use strict”

Javascript “use strict” is recommended for most JS implementations now. Here is how to use it on your JS files. Client Side Methods to Invoke Strict Method: Have the Entire File Strict (function () { “use strict”; //entireFile will be strict }()); Have a single function be Strict // Non-strict code var withinFile = function […]

Yeah, Top 10 Time!

I’ve been laying low on the bloggin’ recently, last night I went “beast” and played around with some fun stuff with the terminal, packet managers, NPM’s and a new IDE. Here’s the list of 10 things you can’t not be using on the web. HomeBrew Grunt Mongolab Angularjs Finally had a chance to play around […]

Hello Blog

It’s been a few years since I wrote a post…. yeah I’ve been busy! After logging in to wp and upgrading to the latest version I noticed I had over 220,000 pending comments. Sigh! Since all the comments where spam I was able to run this simple line in SQL to remove them. DELETE FROM […]