CSS3 :Target

“:traget” One of the new pseudo classes implemented in CSSS 3. Combined with CSS animation. It is very cool and easy to feature to implement. First lets define a css keyframe that will work with “target” (Not this will only work on webkit browsers. It is possible to run on FF maybe IE9? although I […]

HTML5 Video Event List

The more I play with the html5 video element the more amazing things I discover. While working on a player I have compiled a list of events supported. Video Event List loadstart progress suspend abort error emptied stalled play pause loadedmetadata loadeddata waiting playing canplay canplaythrough seeking seeked timeupdate ended ratechange durationchange volumechange

Pseudo CSS first-child, last-child

In CSS 2.1 the “first-child” and CSS 3 adds “last-child” pseudo-class implementation. These allow for specific stlyes to be added to beginning and ending elements. This can be extremely helpful for navigation and other common list types. The one draw back of using these pseudo-classes is ie6 will not support them. Here is a short […]