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Here are the steps to install 10.5.8 OSX iDeneb on an Asus 1005HA. This installation requires you to have another OSX machine and either a USB key 10gigs + (recommend 16gig) or an external DVD drive.

Pre-installaton Downloads

  • iDeneb (for my installation I used 1.4 10.5.6 OSX). Recommend grabbing the latest here.(you must register to download from the site)
  • ACPIFix.pkg to get around an error that freezes the loading of OSX. Get it here.
  • iDeneb upgrades.
  • Kext files needed to get resolution and Quartz Extreme working, audio, battery, sleep and more working. Click here.
  • GernericCPUManagement app.
  • Kext Helper. This is built into iDeneb in the customize package.
  • Chameleon 2, should be in in the latest build of iDeneb or grab it here.
  • Spark, so you can have volume control + many more features. Grab it here.

If you need help creating a bootable USB drive click here.

Install iDeneb 1.4 on your machine

(The below will assume you are booting from a USB drive)
  1. Boot to your USB drive by hitting ESC when bios loading screen comes up.
  2. Select you USB drive from the list.
  3. iDeneb should load Chameleon as this point.
  4. Once the install wizard comes up follow the steps that you would for any normal installation.
  5. Make sure you formatted the drive on the 1005ha. By default mine came in 4 separate partitions which I erased and reformatted into a single OSX (journaled).
  6. In the customize setting of the install select the following: ICHx Fixed, FireWire Remove, Video/Intel and check GMA950, Applications KextHelper, found in Applications/iDeneb/

After 10.5.6 iDeneb has been installed

  • After install hit esc and boot to the USB drive.
  • Once Chameleon loads hit F8 then type the following: “rd=disk0s1 -v -f” and hit return.
  • It will take a couple minutes but you should see OSX wizard for setting up your admin user account.
  • After filling out the wizard install the ACPIFix.pkg.
  • Once the package is installed restart the machine.
  • Do not hit esc this time and allow the internal HD to boot.
  • Once Chameleon loads hit “F8” then type “-v -f”.
  • If all goes well at this point 10.5.6 should load with 800×600 screen res, which we will fix later.

Update 10.5.7 with iDeneb pkg

  • Install the 10.5.7 upgrade from the pkg download.
  • Restart once the upgraded has been installed.

Update 10.5.8 with iDeneb pkg

  • Install the 10.5.8 upgrade from the pkg download.
  • Restart once the upgraded has been installed.

Installing the Kext for Audio, Display, Etc

  • Once 10.5.8 is successfully loaded install the kext files and packages list at the top of this post. Note all kext files must be installed using the Kext helper app or a smilar method, terminal command, or OSX86 Tools.
  • Recommend installing a few at a time and then restarting to determine where an issue could be happening if anything strange happens.
  • Install the and have it start at login and keep hidden (these setting are in login options). Also note that voodooPower.kext is required for this to work properly.

Finishing touches

  • Get Spark.aap, it’s an app to get shortcut keys working, like for volume function keys
  • Install about this mac. Download.
  • Webcam is working. If you are having issues I recommend reinstalling some of the display kext since Quartz Extreme needs to be running.

Features I haven’t tested

Mic. Not sure if the mic is working or not.

Once wifi is up and running I will update this section and post Skype configuration. The wifi card, Atheros AR9285 that comes with the 1005ha isn’t supported yet. From what I’ve read it might possibly be supported in 10.6 Snow Leopard. I’m still waiting on my card to get here from Hong Kong and plan on doing a followup post on how to take the 1005ha apart and replace the existing wifi card with a supported card. A separate post will be on this subject in 10-15 business days.

Gesture support. I’m assuming that this will be supported by a kext at somepoint since its supported in windows.

Please post any issues with your install below and I will do my best to answer.

Special thanks the OSX86 chat room for everyone’s help and input.

121 thoughts on “Asus 1005HA Hackintosh

  1. gookthug

    ideneb 1.4 works great with the Asus 1005HA-V or P plus using Joq’s guide along with this one, you can upgrade to 10.5.7 with almost everything working fine.

    As for Snow Leopard, this is also possible with the Asus. I have installed SL using a retail copy of it ($30 only) and have everything working fine except for wireless. As for ethernet, I just have to load up a custom kext and then provide a static IP address. That works. There isn’t wireless support yet though. I’m waiting on the DW1510 to arrive any moment though…

    As for SL guides, I will provide one if there is enough request~!

  2. LockOn

    Hi everybody,
    So i tried to install iDeneb 1.4, by following this tuto,
    but, after i install ACPIFix.pkg, i must reboot, but when osx boot,
    the sequence failed (why ? i don’t know), and he reboot, again reboot,
    for infinity…
    Somebody can help ? please

    Maybe bios version ? my is 1102
    thx for your answer

  3. wes

    This install works great until I use the gma950 kext.
    After that the reboot locksup on the gray apple screen.

    I can boot with safe mode but I don’t understand how to remove kext>
    or how to make this one work?

    Please help.


  4. Dennis S


    A guide would be greatly apreciated.


  5. gookthug

    I will make the Snow Leopard guide as soon as I get some free time from the hell of work I have…with Snow installed on my 1005ha, the things that doesn’t work are the Ethernet and Wireless. Some other forums purport to have found solutions to getting the AR9285 Kext to work with SL but it doesn’t work. There’s also an Ethernet kext that was modified to work but while the signal is there, I can’t make any connections to the network/Internet.

    Sleep, shutdown, sound, battery meter, CPU throttle, display, and trackpad (mouse gestures too) all work very nicely. Updating to 10.6.1 by downloading the file from apple also works fine.

    Lastly, I’d have to point out that installing SL was MUCH, MUCH easier than Leopard per instructions on this blog and Joq’s blog…

  6. juanjo4x4

    Thanks a lot! Every workde fine. But after install ACPIFix a had to add cpus=1 al boot, because the netbook restars. After that i’m a glad user of a Macbook Nano.

    Is the any way to use the “2 sides” of th N270 processor?


    Hi all,

    Just installed the whole package for the 7th time (!). I’ve hit every possible combination from totally f**k**g up my Eee PC up to having a multi-boot system with OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu Remix.

    The one and only thing I can’t get to work is the damn resolution. Getting stuck at 800×600 every time. Did Asus change something in the video-card or what? My 1005HA is brand new, bought it two days ago, but somehow none of the lots and lots of solutions for the resolution problem can fix my “problem”.

    Also read things about the need of a patched BIOS here and there. Is there ANYBODY who got the 1005HA running OS X at 1024×600 at all?

  8. Ale89

    I would like to put iDeneb on my netbook. I’m not an expert so I ask you if it works… in fact I’ve heard that the wi-fi doesn’t work well. Please tell me about other problems
    Thank you all


    YES! Finally got my 1005HA running at 1024×600! I decided to put all the graphics related files I collected on the Eee PC, grab myself a beer and just try them ALL one after another (had 14!).

    Then I came across instructions that also included the editing of Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and add/replace the followin key:


    Not very confident this would matter much, I followed the instructions, gave the reboot command, took another zip of my beer and almost choked when it came back in 1024×600! πŸ˜€

    So, anyone else not getting out of the 800×600 screen, give it a try.

    In the process I also tried SwitchResX, which didn’t work either. It is still on the system, so as soon as I made a clone of this working installation I’m goin’ to delete it to make sure it doesn’t add to the solution after all.


    I notice the key I added in the previous post doesn’t work out and I can’t edit it.
    How do I post long strings with brackets around it?


    @Ale89. It does work, although it took me 2 entire days (really working ALL day on it) to finally get things running. Took me 7 retries and finally ended up with a system with only OS X on it (in other words, totally repartitioning the drive and ditching Windows 7).

    Also I read a lot (I really mean A LOT) on all sites I could find about this subject and downloaded various packages and kext collections. Unfortunately ALL sites/blogs seem to agree on one thing; WiFi will NOT work at all, but many sites reported a solution that involved replacing the internal WiFi card with a Dell replacement (I already ordered one today) or using an WiFi dongle (which was an unacceptable clumsy and ugly solution to me).


    For the curious people among us… πŸ˜‰ If you want to compare the speed of your brand new “Mac” against real Apple hardware, you can download a little (and free) program called XBench at and if you have an internet connection you can add your system to a performance table. :-)


    I wanted to “stress-test” the new OS X installation to see how it handles against a real Mac, so I installed the complete Logic Pro package (8 DVD’s). It actually works, only giving me a “warning” at boot because the resolution is lower than the required 1024×768.

    See the screenshot at and take a loot at the processor usage gauge in the lower-right. It actually splits, showing two processors. πŸ˜€


    About an hour ago I received my Dell WLAN card. Replacing the card in the Eee PC 1005HA was pretty easy. Didn’t run into any problems other than the usual diving to the floor to look for screws that got subject to the laws of gravity.
    Card was immediately recognized when I booted OS X. I’m not sure if this is native or due to previous messing around with various Kext files.
    Anyways, the Dell 1510 is a good option if you want WiFi to be working under OS X (10.5.8 at the moment).

  15. Jaguar

    Thanks for the guide – only issue I had is that after swapping WLAN for Dell DW1510, I could never get it to work and the Mac reported no Airport installed.

    For now I am using a Buffalo WLI-UC-GN ultra compact USB dongle along with the RT2870 drivers from the RALink website and it works fine (menu bar still shows unconnected but it is connecting fine on WPA2-Personal).

    Would like to get the internal card to work but for now surviving with the USB.

  16. Leo

    Hello ! I just bought my 1005HA. and I def wants OS X on it. (hate this Win 7 starter). I have downloaded ideneb 1.5. I put it on a usb key but can’t make the PC boot on it ! Can anyone help me with the steps on how to do this usb boot key ? (format in fat or mac os journalized, copy iso or files in the iso, etc, ). Thanks for your help ! I tried everything on many website and could not make it book on the key. (I tried to boot win 7 as well from the key…didn’t work….. ).
    Thanks ! I’m sure something is wrong with my bootable key.

  17. Derrick

    Did you ever get your Wi-fi working? I installed my dell half height dw1510 card today on my 1005HA and it isn’t recognizing it. When I set it up to install I selected some wifi ktexts and wondering if that is the problem. I also bought this card from eBay so I’m trying to determine whether the card is defective or not. I see my blue wifi light, lighting up after installing it, So I’m pretty sure it’s functioning.. just not well enough for mac apparently lol.

    I Haven’t upgraded to 10.5.8 tho, I’m still running 10.5.6 b/c another guide I was reading said not to upgrade if I like sleep and my battery meter. Any responses would be great, thanks in advance.

  18. Richardson

    Could someone help me fix a iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 blue to black screen hang up on boot. I just installed iDeneb on my Toshiba Satellite A205 Laptop. When it boots I see the Gray Screen with the Apple Logo, then it goes to a blue screen for a second then to a black sreen with a colorful swirly wheel and the mouse pointer…I would boot pass that screen. Are there any additional kext files or drivers I need to install to make it work….PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  19. nash

    hi sir,

    what i have is a snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg (downloaded) asus eee pc 1005ha 1gb ram windows 7 160gb HD.

    1. How am i going to install the converted .dmg to .iso on my thumb drive?
    2. what is the required eee pc BIOS to run OSX? Where can i get it how to install it?

    thanks a lot sir! More Power

  20. Life

    First thing to do is to get this card (Dell 1510 mini PCI). Then download iAtkos s3 this is snow 10.6.3. Everything work just fine

  21. Ariana Jolly

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