Use Textmate to Compose email with OSX Mail


Recently I started using Textmate for more things then just coding websites since thats bascially the tip of the iceburg then it comes to the most powerful editor on the mac.

If you interested in trying something new with Textmate here are basic instructions to use texmate to compose messages with OSX mail.

  1. Make sure you have installed the “Edit in Textmate” Bundle. This is found in “Bundles>Textmate>Install Edit in Textmate bundle.
  2. Once the bundle has been installed you will be able to edit your email message in text by hitting the following short cut keys “Control + Command +E” or optionally going to the edit menu in Mail and the very last option will be “Edit in Textmate”.
  3. Once you the command has been keyed a blank Textmate text file will be opened.
  4. Type your email message and then save. If your done editing the email you can close the Textmate window and you will see your message in message window of the Mail app.

Other Mail features you can with Mail

  • Increase quote level “> or shift+.”

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