Use Textmate to Compose email with OSX Mail

Recently I started using Textmate for more things then just coding websites since thats bascially the tip of the iceburg then it comes to the most powerful editor on the mac. If you interested in trying something new with Textmate here are basic instructions to use texmate to compose messages with OSX mail. Make sure […]

HTML 5 WordPress Theme (Naked)

Here is an updated version of the Naked WordPress theme to support HTML5. WordPress Naked has been put together by us as a simple WordPress theme to assist developers that need to quickly implement a blog using WordPress but don’t really have the time to spend looking under the hood in any detail or reading […]

HTML 5 Bundle For Textmate

Here is a download to the HTML 5 Bundle I have started for Textmate. This is my first attempt at creating a bundle from scratch please provide feedback and requests and I will add them. Download Here Update 7/19/2009 Updated 3/21/2010 Added localStorage Snippets The bundle has also been uploaded to Github. View Repository