When I started freelancing I need to make a new beastly computer that could handle tons of storage and be the central base for all of my projects. The two most important things I was concerned with my system were speed and budget. I had been following the osx86 project on and off over the […]

How to Improve Newsletter Design

Last week I completed a email campaign that I was only brought into only to code. I felt that the process followed was generally flawed that the team took. I started with a finalized approved design which I was suppose to code into a mailer. From the beginning I started noticing flaws in the designs […]

Don't Forget Wire Frame Everything

Since reemerging in to freelancing I have noticed that not many people use wire frames that should be. I guess a lot of people think its an extra step that’s not needed or will add unnecessary time/cost to the project.  When this approach is taken things start to veer off the path as the project […]

SVN Resources

Here are a few good links for getting down with SVN. Including one to a free online book that will get you up and running in no time at all. martinott simplestation.com lachoseinteractive.net svnbook.red-bean.com (free book)

FLEX & MXML The next logical step for XHTML coders?

I’ll be perfectly honest.. I didn’t know much about Adobe Flex. I knew that it was more or less an all coding method for Flash developers and the early adopters using js/ajax really enjoyed working with it. Flex based sites had always impressed me but the idea on how to make them seemed to complex. Since Flash MX had been released I had little experiance writing any sort of AS other then animating banners or updating AS for all ready running sites.

Vintage Atari Box Art

Basic beauty of the Atari 2600’s approach to package design is something missing from games of today. Below are a few amazing painted covers.

IMC Productions

Had the pleasure of hanging out with two of the members of IMC productions over the weekend. Check out some of the spec spots they have created for Nike, Apple, among other big boys. Rumored new project in the works with IMC and well known B&W classis photo poster the Impossible Cool maybe hitting the […]